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“The days of effective outbound marketing are fading fast. Today, you’ll need to turn your focus to inbound marketing and create an online presence with your website, social media, and content marketing so you can naturally attract your target market to you.” – Mark Cordy

You do not want to be just another pretty face on a standard corporate site.
Brand Yourself – Set yourself apart from the competition, you do not want to be just another pretty face on a standard corporate site. By having your own site you are creating your online brand, as your website is a direct reflection of your authority, goals and services. Home buyers and sellers want to work with someone they can trust.

Who are you branding?
Who Are You Branding – you or ABC Real Estate? When you have your own website, it is a custom website about you (not a corporate template that comes down when you leave for greener pastures) and one that is designed to bring value to your clients. You can work with the designer to create the content, the look and you can make all the design decisions. It’s your website. Having your own custom website makes you stand out from the crowd, makes you look different than your co-workers and shows that you are a professional realtor who has a true expertise in the local market. Now you can take your custom website and your leads with you, wherever you may go. This is why it is better to own your own website instead of relying on your broker to build one for you or using someone else’s template. Don’t brand the company, brand yourself.

The first step is to create your own website.
Became a Client Resource – The first step is to create your own website, where your current, and prospective, clients can go to learn more about you and the services you offer. However, most agents make the mistake of doing only that and no more; in today’s competitive marketplace, you need to go beyond displaying your services. You need to use your website, blog, and social media to become a valuable resource with pertinent, helpful information.

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