Pre-Shoot Checklist

Pre-Shoot Checklist

What can be described as a typical real estate photography pre-shoot checklist? What a photographer needs in a real world is a perfect shoot of a staged house, which is presentable as a real estate photographer, to your clients to go through as a pre-shoot checklist, prior to your arrival. This happens too infrequently, but you as a real estate photographer should encourage your clients to have a look at a pre-shoot photo. Definitely, you have to make sure that your home is well prepped in all aspects, including the interior and exterior. Having done this, your home will be picture perfect ready upon your arrival.

A Week Before the Shoot:
As a buyer, the very first impression is triggered by the exterior of the home, which captures the attention of potential buyers. Therefore, reviewing the exterior of your home is an important aspect not to forget, so that your home can be photo ready for the day of the pre-shoot.
Make the home environment clean. All the basic landscaping needs must be done to add additional appeal to your home.
Trim your seasonal flowers, plant flowers if you don’t have. Weed flower beds, cut grass. Have your home looking beautiful.
All exterior aspects of the house like the driveways, patios, decks, walkways and front porch should all be washed well.
All windows, doors, pools must be thoroughly cleaned.
The furniture situated outside must be checked and cleaned, also this is applicable to the law décor. Clean all windows and doors outside.
If you have a pool make sure it’s cleaned as well.
Also, clean any outdoor furniture or lawn décor.

2. Interior
The interior aspect of the house which includes every room, nooks and cranny of the home should be checked thoroughly, cleaned up to be photo shoot ready. Items on shelves, tables and dirt’s on the floor should all be cleaned up.
All interior lights must all be ensured it’s working.
Cleanings should be done to the carpets, tables and shelves available in all the room. Wipe down the walls and scrub the floor and bathroom tiles.

On the Day of The Shoot:

1. Exterior
You have to ensure your cars are not parked directly in front of the home or on the driveway. All garbage cans, garden hoses, sprinkler, lawn mowers and any other landscape equipment should be kept out of site.
Review the cushions on patio furniture.
Sweep the walkways, front porch, and patio to remove leaves and debris.

2. Interior
To make the interior aspect of your home ready for the shoot, make sure all curtains are open, blinds should be turned horizontally in each room. Mop, sweep and vacuum the floors, put on all lights but put off the ceiling fan.
All wires and cables must be out of sight, all electronics must be off and all remote controls are hidden.

Kitchen and dining room:
Kitchen and the Dining room can’t be left out when taking care of the interior aspect of your home. In that case, ensure to wipe off the countertops and tables, get rid of towels, sponges, dishes and soap dispensers away from the counters, tables and sink. These items should be properly stored in a place that is out of sight.
Items hanging on the refrigerator e.g. pictures, stickers, should all be removed. Trash cans should be disposed of properly
Putting fresh flowers or a fruit bowl can add to the beauty of what you’ve got on the countertop.
Your dining table should have a perfect sitting arrangement, a nice place setting.

Your home bathrooms should be well cleaned, all items such as the soap dishes, shampoos and toothbrushes, all should be removed out of sight.
Do not leave any dirty towels, toiletries or bathroom materials, uncleaned.
Put the toilet lid down and replace the toilet paper roll.

Sweep the floor, pick up dirt, vacuum the furniture available in your bedroom and make your bed
Tidy up the closet and get rid of all clothes.
All clothes should be well arranged on a wall hanger or your cupboard.
Keep personal items away from the shelves, desks and dressers. All this ensures your interior home is ready for a photo shoot.
However, if you keep pets, it is recommended to have them kept away for the whole session of the photo shoot. This is to prevent them from interrupting any session during the photo shoot.
You definitely have to get this list to your client, just so they will know they have the bulk of works to do. As a professional, try to include a pre-shoot checklist during your communication with your client, prior to the day of photo shot. It will be much easier to shoot without any worries, only if you get your client to follow up the pre-shoot checklist.