Agent Video Messaging

Agent Video Messaging

“Online video has quickly become an indispensable marketing tool for businesses of all kinds. However, many real estate agents (and brokers) are leaving money on the table by not using video in their marketing. This presents an amazing opportunity for you to step in, grab a camera, and differentiate yourself.” – Paradym

Interview Videos

Referrals are essential to building a strong client base. One way to grow not only your real estate network but also generate new leads is through filming short testimonial interviews. Chances are you’ve worked with a lot of respected buyers or sellers in the past, or even colleagues in the real estate industry (i.e. mortgage lenders, home inspectors, attorneys, etc) who can provide a first person view into how great it is to work with you.

Informational Videos

Real estate marketing is all about providing value to buyers and sellers. And one way to provide more value and impress your clients is by creating short, educational videos on common real estate topics and questions. These short, video snippets let viewers learn at their own pace and extend your reach to a much broader audience through social media.
You’ll build a reputation as an exceptionally helpful, knowledgeable real estate resource, and the extra effort will yield dividends.

Agent Promo Videos

Think about what makes you stand out as a real estate agent. As a broker, think about what makes your office, your staff, and your culture stand out. Pinpoint your real estate speciality in a short agent/office promo video. If you’ve won an award, tout it. If you’re great at finding flipping opportunities for investors, talk about it. If you have a unique company culture, highlight it. Don’t just tell home buyers what sets you apart from the competition, show them with an engaging promotional video.

“About Me” Agent Profile Videos

The awesome thing about video is that it allows home buyers and sellers to get to know the person behind the screen. People want to work with real people. So tell them a little bit about yourself—your real estate experience, your hobbies, your family, your successes, even a funny story.

Neighborhood Videos

The mantra is true: location is everything. Home buyers are just as interested in the surrounding neighborhood as they are the property. Sell home buyers on their future neighborhood with a quick video tour of local hot spots and beautiful scenery. If you can, add a few testimonials on why this neighborhood is the best neighborhood for new homeowners.

Testimonial Videos

Happy, satisfied clients are the best advertisers for your real estate brand. Testimonial videos let home buyers hear it “straight from the horse’s mouth” when it comes to your work ethic and your ability to close efficiently and timely. Obviously, you can’t force a client to give you a testimonial. But if you had a great working relationship and the client was happy with the end result, a quick, authentic testimonial video can go a long way.

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