Advertising Management

Managing your advertising

You (and many others) have spent countless hours trying different marketing ideas and advertising campaigns, but you’re not seeing the results you want. You’re left wondering, “Why? How is Joe down the road doing this successfully and not me? Why isn’t this easier?”

Real estate flyers and direct mailers seem a lot easier today, in comparison to digital advertising. Just a few years ago, the craze was all about Google AdWords and SEO. And now there’s social media.

Let’s start with expectations. Every real estate agent and broker (and you, of course) wants to know, “Are Facebook ads effective?” Answer is: yes. Sometimes, you can spend as little as $10 per day and see significant results. You just need to understand the type of lead you’re attracting.

Facebook advertising is different than Google AdWords and other marketing campaigns. With AdWords, you’re fulfilling demand. When someone searches Chicago homes for sale, your ad is placed to fulfill that search demand, i.e. an eager homebuyer looking for homes.

With Facebook, you’re creating demand. This means you’re convincing someone to look at homes for sale when they’re not actively looking (at the moment). This type of lead will most likely require more follow-up communication and nurturing.

Facts About Advertising on Facebook

  • 10 times return on ad spend
  • 55% of leads engage in two-way communication with an agent
  • 80% of leads had at least one form of valid contact information
  • Great channel for additional leads; see immediate influx of visitors
  • Complete control over your daily budget and maximum cost-per-click
  • Niche targeting options, such as interests, cities, demographics, etc
  • CPC is relatively cheap
  • You can use images and videos within your ads

  • these statistics will vary by market, season, economy, etc. There are market forces to calculate. But let’s say you spent $100 on Facebook advertising for the week. You generated 40 leads. Out of those 40 leads, 18 of them returned your email/text/call. From there, you found 2 people who are interested in buying a house today. In a few weeks, they both close on a house with an average price point of $300,000. Your commission from both properties is $18,000 (I know agents have to further split this; it’s an example). That’s a 180x return on investment (ROI). Of course, this is an example and more of a reference point, but you can see the potential.

    What We Do?

    Our in-house team of social media advertising experts will help plan your marketing budget in order to maximize your profitability. We’ll design your ads, setup your campaigns, analyze the data regularly and optimize performance to increase leads over time. While running a Facebook ads campaign may look easy, it actually takes a lot of thought and analysis to drive consistent, high quality traffic to your IDX website.

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